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Host: Michael Ricciardi, European Motorsports
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  • Driving is a MOTOR SKILL at which you can get better and better.
  • Driving is an INTELLECTUAL endeavor about which you can learn more and more.
  • Driving is an EMOTIONAL experience from which you can derive greater and greater pleasure.

Based on Denise McCluggage’s best selling how-to ski book, The Centered Skier, this is a 2+ hour workshop, not a lecture, be prepared to participate. We will supply notebooks and pens. Refreshments and appetizers will be served. Cost: $75.00 per person

Skiing and driving have an affinity, like raspberries and chocolate. Maybe I’d say it differently after lunch, but the point is the same: skiing/driving. A close kinship. More workshop details below.

Wine, beer and buffet dinner will be served at 6:30PM. All tickets will be held at the door.

Denise McCluggage

This is an MMR Community event.


THE CENTERED DRIVER conducted by Denise McCluggage

Body. Mind. Feelings.

These three in balance find you in a relaxed/alert mode called Centered. This is a mode often engendered by meditation, the study of the martial arts or a reasoned practice. The driving workshop are derived from Workshops in Centered Skiing I developed for Sugarbush in the 1970s, described in my book The Centered Skier.

Centered Driving is the most satisfying – and safest – way to be on the road. Or race course.

The Centered Driving workshop is a fun, experiential way to find that Center and drive from there whether you’re in a high-performance exotic, a daily easy-to-park hatch, an aging minivan or an SUV. However mundane the circumstances, driving can always be enjoyable. And it can be safer as well.  

Some things covered in the workshops:
  • How to breathe the rough edges off your turns.
  • How to brake LESS and control MORE.
  • The difference between LOOKING and PERCEIVING.
  • Oh yes, WHERE to look…
  • What’s the difference between QUICK and FAST.
  • Driving by contact patch (huh?) and dancing the twisties…
  • Brakes don’t stop your car… (No, not the tree.)
  • The steering wheel doesn’t turn your car…so what does? And why it matters.
  • How to get a GRIP…on the wheel and on the road.
  • How to “trail” your controls.
  • A distraction is an ATTRACTION to the wrong thing. Make better choices.
Remember: Everything you do has an outcome. Make it one you want.