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“The MMR Resource Directory listings separate those who are knowledgeable and focused on these cars and events from those who simply want access to the market. MMR understands the difference. They make an effort to only present the best and I am comfortable with the company my work keeps in their directory.”
Roger Blanchard – Artist

“MMR is an excellent resource for the people who enjoy our museum. We are always doing minor repairs on our museum cars and the Resource Directory is an invaluable tool for finding the kind of specialized goods and services that we need. As it grows, it only gets better.”
Mike Iandoli – President, Larz Anderson Auto Museum

“MMR is in touch with our market. We are listed under Publications in the Resource Directory, they review our books professionally and the MMR Store sells our products. We couldn’t be more pleased with the access they provide to our market.”
David Bull – Bull Publishing

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When Less is More

Google lists 70 million suppliers of driving shoes.

The MMR Goods & Services Directory lists less than 40. Our focused Directory helps our community quickly find only the very best goods and services.

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