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Bernie Debates Going to Hell…
the Green One

Posted on January 23, 2014 Comments (0)


There was a time in the sixties when the original Nurburgring was 17.6 miles long and still on the F1 calendar. That is when the iconic image of Jim Clark cresting one of its many steep hills and flying his Lotus a foot off the ground was taken. The place was tough on cars and on drivers and, considering the safety standards of the day, exceptionally dangerous. Niki Lauda’s accident, as recently recreated in the film RUSH, put an end to F1 on that circuit.

Jim Clark


Jackie Stewart gave the circuit the name that stuck. The track was bankrupt in 2012. Locals were divided over rescue plans; the amusement park and shopping mall built to revitalize the area failed miserably. In 2013, it was put up for sale and last week Bernie Ecclestone was reportedly negotiating to buy it. This is not his first attempt to purchase the Nurburgring. Tough to negotiate with a man who has the time to wait, the power to make it successful, and the money to make it all happen. Time will tell if they can come to an agreement but either way, the thought of Bernie Ecclestone being in a position to own his own hell, green or otherwise, is amusing.

Nurburgring 600


We’ll follow that. Meanwhile, this week’s video is a promotional piece by McLaren Cars. It is another in a long line of manufacturer made in-car and overhead shots of their cars breaking mythical lap records. This one, as you might expect from McLaren, is both high quality and slightly different. Tell us what you think.