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November 29, 2014 Comments (4)

The entire MMR team, Dom, Lucy, Ashley, Dianne, Sandy, Denise, and I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day yesterday and welcome you to Black Friday. MMR is but words and pictures and we work hard to bring you the best of both. Our Black Friday edition reflects this as we present a number of interesting classified cars and some new books we know you will want in your collection! Buy Something!

The 2014 F1 Season Ends with a Whimper

Nico Rosberg’s race and season ended when the red lights went out. His otherwise moderately reliable Mercedes had an issue with its electronic launch control system. Do you remember when launch control was a left foot and a pedal? It is somehow fitting that a race series that generates so much money and is discussing how that money could be more equally shared should end in Abu Dhabi at a marina in a desert country where the best seats are on multi-million dollar yachts. No disconnect here. The best car won. It was the combination of two excellent drivers with different strengths. The constant reliability concerns supplied the tension and entertainment for the season.

The following is our 2015 winners & losers list.

Sam Posey

#1 Winner: NBCSN

Thanks for making the Fox “bargain basement” coverage a thing of the past. Pre and Post race programs are appreciated. Thanks especially for keeping Sam Posey in the transition. His insights do make a difference. A class act all around.

Williams Racing

#2 Winner: Williams Racing

Not the most money but they kicked ass. Thank You Martini for believing. Next time we are shopping we will buy a bottle of your product.

Massa and Bottas

#3 Winners: Bottas...

Finished fourth in the Championship. Fast, a good racer, self-deprecating, and a future World Champion. 

and Massa

Kicked out by Ferrari, did better than Raikkonen by far.

Vettel and Ricciardo

#1 Loser: Vettel

Four times World Champion and wonder boy, to a distant second to Ricciardo, and now on to Ferrari.

Ferrari off-track

#2 Loser: Ferrari

No engine, chassis, or aero package. Moving forward with new management and the possibility of uncertain funding.

McLaren F1

#3 Loser: McLaren

Under new management they had the same engine as Mercedes and Williams and did nothing about their chassis. Next year they have a new Honda engine. And Alonso?


Who were your winners and losers? Tell us in the comments below.

Have a great weekend and please remember to encourage friends to subscribe.

Peter Bourassa


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Comments (4)

  1. steve snyder:
    Nov 28, 2014 at 08:10 AM

    Why is Daniel Ricciardo not getting due credit. Not because of his fault, started out last due to a questionable choice of wing design then finishes 4th having passed more cars than any other driver and sets the lap record. Ricciardo can make 2015 interesting.

  2. Jim Thykeson:
    Nov 28, 2014 at 09:51 AM

    The main loser is F-1 itself. Bernie has enriched himself beyond belief, and at one time was the stability & future of F-1, but now with run-a-way costs for the teams, host countries, and fans it could be time for his departure. I remember in 84' at Dallas where his demands almost shut down the race, but Don called his bluff. Just look at all the short-lived venues in America. They almost ruined Indy. Most of the fans I met in Phoenix were appalled at the costs, and said the Indycar ticket was a far better deal. They need to take some marketing lessons from Indycar. That series went through a series of transformations before they got it right, but today is the best open-wheeled series for the buck.

  3. Tim Evans:
    Nov 28, 2014 at 02:39 PM

    The big winner were the fans in Canada who still get the BBC broadcast through TSN and who get from my perspective, a better choice than NBCSN. I'm a big fan of Sam Posey but I tried watching NBCSN at the beginning of the season but too much of trying to explain F1 to the American audience. As for drivers, I was especially impressed with Jenson Button, a gritty performance in what was a middle of the pack car at best. With all the rumours of his demise at Mclaren he still out preformed Magnussen and was a true champion and a class act.

  4. Dianne Isaacson:
    Nov 29, 2014 at 01:03 PM

    The #1 Loser is McLaren for leaving the drivers and fans in limbo about the 2015 driver lineup. Clearly Jenson is the right choice and to play with him is inexcusable. "Waiting until after the board meets in early December"? Do what any other corporation would do and call a special meeting... Duh! In my opinion Alonso and Button make a dynamite team. They both deserve better treatment.

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