MMR Photo Galleries

This section is dedicated to displaying the works of motorsports photograpers. The exhibits have been chosen for their relevance and quality. For prints or comissioned shoots, contributors may be contacted directly or through the site.

Philadelphia native Michael Furman has had an opportunity to photograph many of the world’s most significant automobile collections. His work has been recognized by enthusiasts and celebrated by museums and concours events worldwide. His books; Spirit of Competition with Dr. Fred Simeone, French Curves with Peter Mullin and Automotive Jewelry with commentary by leading automotive writers, historians, collectors, designers, all bona-fide enthusiasts are all worthy of being on the top shelf of your library.

Testarossa Hood

Christian Delbert is possessed of a rare combination of passions that give expression to his work. His interest is historic; he has been involved with motorsports since his youth. He has owned sports-cars and motorcycles since his stint as a motorcycle rider in the French Army. He currently drives a Ferrari, a Porsche, a Moto-Guzzi and a Suzuki. He is an accomplished driver and rider of them all. This allows him a unique perspective; an appreciation of the subtle characteristics which separate great or interesting machines from the remainder, often highlighting unique features of which others may not be aware or even notice. Combine these qualities with a life-long passion for his profession, photography, and you have a Christian Delbert photograph.

Scott Johnson Photography Amelia 2013

Greateye Studios professional photographer Scott Johnson has a passion for motorsports that shows in his uniquely artistic images. A member of the Porsche, BMW and Ducati Clubs, with ownership ranging from a Porsche 911, 944 and Boxster S, to a Ducati 900 SSSP/FE with BMWs, Audis and a VW mixed in, Scott really gets it. Whether it be shooting a multi million dollar Ford GT40 and Duesenberg on the lawn at Amelia Island or contemporary Sports and F1 Grand Prix cars, Scott applies the same passion to all his work.

Currently shooting for RM Auctions and automotive print magazines, Scott is available for assignment worldwide. Like his facebook page.

Casey Maxon Santa Fe 2012

Casey Maxon (Cacklefest Photography) Galleries

Maxon is 22 years old, from Lawrence, KS, and owns several classic cars and motorcycles. He has spent the last four years in McPherson, Kansas working towards a degree in Historic Automotive Restoration Technology. He was wrenching in the garage with his dad and driving classic cars throughout high school. Casey is a motorhead who believes he can best express his passion for vintage vehicles through the lens of a camera. We think you will agree.

Santa Fe Concorso 2012
Amelia Concours D'Elegance 2013

Dom Miliano, Alfa 8C 2300

Dom Miliano Galleries

Dom Miliano is the model motorsports enthusiast, photographer and writer. He owns, works on and drives racing cars. He has attended driving schools, had lessons from professional drivers, and is a certified driving instructor. He is also a professional photographer who teaches motorsports photography to other enthusiasts. He is a member of PCA and his stories and images have appeared in Excellence, Panorama and Prancing Horse. Dom is the Editor of the weekly MMR Community Newsletter.

2015 New York International Auto Show

Mercedes 300SL Gullwing

We introduce you to the work of Royce Rumsey from Laguna Beach, California. Originally from the middle of the country, Royce grew up around dirt tracks and hot rods. As you will see from this gallery, he has expanded his horizons… and ours. It is Royce’s touch that changes what we call images to what he calls photoimagery.

Royce Rumsey Photography
Royce Rumsey Santa Fe Concorso 2013

You can see more of his work at Auto Focused, and like Royce’s Facebook page to follow this exciting artist.

Chuck Schwager the Cavallino Ferrari gathering in West Palm Beach 2012

Cavallino Ferrari | West Palm Beach | 2012

Chuck Schwager is a true sports car enthusiast. He owns several interesting cars and to his credit, he drives them as often as possible.

In 2012 he attended the Cavallino Ferrari gathering in West Palm Beach and sent us these images.
In 2013 he went to Colorado.

I was first introduced to Gene Ritvo's work at a local framing shop. A rack of postcards near the door contained pictures of several Ducati Motorcycles and a classic Mercedes car. Every vehicle was red. I quickly learned that all the postcards on the rack, including pictures of flowers and pieces of pottery, were produced by a local photographer. I contacted him and asked if I might see more of his work. He graciously invited me to his home studio. Because his garage was occupied by two Ducatis, an MV Augusta and a Porsche Boxster, a relatively new Mercedes sat outside, relegated to enduring the elements. Thus began a friendship which I valued to the day of his death in the fall of 2009.

Monterey 2009NEW: View Gene's photos from Monterey 2009!

Gene brought an engineer's curiosity to what is generally perceived as a romantic's medium. He was fascinated by all things mechanical, from simple corkscrews to complex valve trains. He was forever seeking the answer to the eternal question:"Why?". Every photograph tries to expose that special something that contributes to the answer. His attention to detail and respect for the craftsmanship involved in his subjects is evident in the works we offer here.

Dennis Gray

Dennis Gray is a professional photographer with a passion for motorsports and the talent to capture the drama of ten-tenths moments. In his track pictures, big things are happening and capturing that commitment is Dennis’s forte. To motor sports enthusiasts, these pictures are art and well worth framing and collecting. These images and more are available at his website:

Alexander Davidis

Alexander Davidis has directed commercials around the globe with some of the leading ad-agencies of the world. He is known for his story telling skills and works as a consultant for international television networks such as the German ZDF TV, the US New York Times TV and the Discovery Network.

Davidis, the photographer, specializes in capturing the essence of historic racing automobiles. He won the Aston Martin Owners Club's "Klemantaski-Parnell" photo competition every year that he entered it. Davidis’ photography has been exhibited in shows in the UK and the US.

For three years his film production company, John Galt Films, has produced the hugely popular “GT-RACER” TV-series on worldwide historic racing..  This personal view of vintage racecars and the people who race them is aired on Discovery HD Theater in the US and many networks worldwide.

Steve Szydlowski

Steve Szydlowski has been a photographer at the Providence Journal, in Rhode Island, for the past 22 years. Steve also writes shorts pieces for the paper under the heading On The Road. These stories relate to motorsports items that he encounters in his travels through New England. He has owned Alfa's, BMW's, Porsche's and brings a professional photographer's eye and a passion for his subjects to his art.

Steve also shot the Amelia Island Concours 2012.

Garret P. Vreeland - 356 Registry Santa Fe 2013

Garret P. Vreeland is an award-winning multimedia specialist who works in and around the Santa Fe, New Mexico area. He has had a camera welded to his fist for the last 40 years.

His decade+ experience in managing industrial and broadcast audiovisual productions allows him to bring a refreshing perspective to planning and executing photo shoots. Video is 'new tech' for many photographers. Garret's been doing it for decades, and has the Telly Awards to prove it.

Visit Garret's website.

MMR Photos

Blind Pig Gallery - Pebble Beach 2006
Blind Pig Gallery - Monterey 2009
Blind Pig Gallery - Amelia Island 2011
Blind Pig Gallery - Monza Autodromo 2011
Blind Pig Gallery - Tanglewood 2011
Blind Pig Gallery - Amelia Island 2012
Blind Pig Gallery - Amelia Island Radiator Caps
Blind Pig Gallery - Boston Cup 2012
Blind Pig Gallery - Santa Fe Concorso 2012
Blind Pig Gallery - Amelia Island 2013
Blind Pig Gallery - Pebble Beach 2013
Blind Pig Gallery - Pebble Beach 2013 | 8Cs
Blind Pig Gallery - Laguna Seca 2013
Blind Pig Gallery - Santa Fe Concorso 2013
Blind Pig Gallery - Amelia Island 2014
Blind Pig Gallery - Greenwich Concours d'Elegance 2014
Blind Pig Gallery - Santa Fe Concorso 2014

We have been fortunate.

These photographs are as much a product of the good fortune that allows the totally unqualified to stand beside experts at spectacular motorsports events, as they are a glorious testament to the ever increasing simplification of excellent photographic equipment.

Please enjoy the attached pictures of events we have attended and turn to stories in this library for brief outlines of what you are seeing.

Everett Anton Tony Singer | Ralph Lauren car collection

Everett Anton Tony Singer, a life-long artist, owned a renowned multi-color printing company, and has always been a car person. Vintage Auto reflects the perfect gathering of Tony’s passion, experience and talent. A visit to his site is an instructive and rewarding walk through the history of motorsports and the art/power of the poster.

On a recent trip to Paris he took in the exhibition “L’Art de L’Automobile” which featured the Ralph Lauren car collection. This photo gallery features the excellent images which he brought back. The silver Porsche 550 Spyder was once his.