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Beautiful collector books, biographies of our heroes, technical reference books or novels about racing, all are an important part of the enjoyment of our sport. Because some have become collectible and all are an investment, we want to offer insight from our knowledgeable MMR Community that will help prospective buyers better appreciate their book purchases.

In conjunction with Racemaker Press, we are offering our MMR community an opportunity to read reviews from three separate sources:

First, www.Speedreaders.info will supply a professional book review. Then a reader from our community, who is familiar with the subject, will also offer an opinion. Finally all readers in the community will be invited to express their views. We hope you will participate at whatever level you are comfortable and that you will find the Racemaker Book Review a useful and enjoyable resource.

Your suggestions for additional book reviews are welcome.

Racemaker Press

Racemaker Press is an independent New England based publisher company specializing in books on the history of automobiles and automobile racing. RMP also publishes books about racing for children and scholarly works which have significant automotove historical content. Take a moment to visit this unique site for the automotive enthusiast.