Tatra T-603 Wins Pebble Beach!

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Tatra T-603 Wins Pebble Beach!

In a stunning reversal, mere hours after the Scaglietti Ferrari was declared ineligible, the Pebble Beach Judging Committee pronounced the Tatra T-603, the winner of the 2014 Concours d’Elegance. The Scaglietti Ferrari was disqualified due to the strong fishy odor emanating from its interior.

The Tatra, designed by Christian Dior in 1959, was commission by the former Shah of Iran, and was a gift, along with two matching yellow dresses and the cutest little hat you have ever seen, for his Italian actress lover Gina Magnani. The two carried on a religiously forbidden affair which only ended several years after his death. The story of their fabled drive along the Amalfi Coast at sunset, their stop for a quiet walk along the deserted beach, and their return to the car to find a large roasting pan containing a turkey cooked to perfection with rosemary/mushroom stuffing and roasted garlic potatoes and a note from a local resident reading “Sorry, we are out of fish”. The stuff of legends. Ah Italy!

Oofy Prosser

MMR European Correspondent