The Best in Pale Yellow Journalism

Italy is in Shock! Maranello is in Mourning! Archivists at the University of Palermo announce this week that without equivocation, the famous black Prancing Horse, Cavallino Rampante, symbol of Scuderia Ferrari and Italian virility is actually an English mare. Ferrari himself told the story of the original Prancing Horse which was painted on the side of the plane of an Italian WW1 flying ace. At the request of the pilot’s mother, Enzo painted it on the side of the 1932 Scuderia Ferrari racer for luck. What was unknown until then is that the mare, known in Italy as Bella Nero, was actually a British horse belonging to one Dame Anna Sewell, a member of the British Royal Family. It is clear, said Dr. Renzo Pasolini, the horse on the plane is a mare, you can see two rows of nipples on her chest and stomach. When asked about this by The Weekly Leek, recently deceased but still on the payroll, Ferrari PR man Sancho Panza Sr. said “He seemed like a nice horse, No Comment”.

Oofy Prosser
MMR European Correspondent