What Price Justice? One Hundred Million Dollars!

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Munich, Germany. Judge Peter Noll agreed to a deal between the defense and the prosecution that would allow F1 Billionaire Bernie Ecclestone ($4.2B) to pay $100M in exchange for dropping all charges of corruption, bribery, and breach of trust. “This is a serious matter to Mr Ecclestone” said his lawyer Sven Thomas. “He now comes within $100,000,001 of defaulting on a clause in his divorce agreement stating that if his net worth falls below $4B he must surrender custody of his beloved rubber ducky to his ex-wife Slavica.

Rubber Ducky was identified in court documents as the correspondent in the 2014 divorce proceedings under which Judge Peter Noll awarded custody of the underage Ducky to Bernie and ordered Slavica to pay B. Ecclestone $100M per year for life or the end of time. Whichever comes first. Neither Ms. Ducky nor the former Mrs. Ecclestone would speak to reporters.