The Story behind the Hotchkiss

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My uncle lived in Paris. He kept this car until 1952 when a Chrysler, driven by a Belgian, hit him head on. The Hotchkiss came out the winner.

Jean Delbert and the Hotchkiss

He replaced it with a 1950 "Hotchkiss-Gregoire". It also was produced with an alloy chassis and body. With independent suspension on all four wheels and a 2 liter water-cooled flat four engine ahead of the front axle, it was fast. It had a top speed of 94 mph (151 km/h). But the car was too expensive and only 250 examples were made.

His next car was a Jaguar 3.8 saloon which tended to overheat in Paris traffic and melt its battery. His final car was an Alfa Romeo 1750 which he really loved. RIP. He died at the age of 69 of lung cancer. I remember him well as an "almost" great pianist, a very good tennis player, and a so-so lawyer with a great sense of humor. Also, because he felt it was an affront to his manhood, he never wanted to be passed by another car! That made for some thrilling rides.

Christian Delbert
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