Upgrading a 1978 Ferrari 308 GTS: Cooling System Part 2

April 25, 2013 Comments (0)

Improved Cooling – Water Pump

In 1995 I bought a 1978 308 GTS Euro spec Ferrari with a rebuilt engine and 13K miles on the long non-functioning odometer. It had had a serious accident on the right front corner. This is the ninth in a series of short articles about how we repaired and updated it.

308 Water Pump. A Lovely Thing.

The water pump on the right, with the gold vanes, is the original pump in the WASRED 308. On good authority, I am advised that this was a pump originally used in the 1950s. You can see the major design differences with the one on the left.

Ferrari 308 water pumps

Our last article was about changing the original radiator for a new aluminum radiator from Nicks Forza Ferrari. Since we were updating the 35 year old radiator, we decided to look at the remainder of the system and see what else was available. Pump, hoses, radiator and fan are the whole kit.

A visit to Nick’s site showed that he also offers a new water pump of his own design. It has a lightweight pulley and a 20% higher output. Nick explained that pump output is limited by something called cavitation. That’s a fluid dynamics term that basically means the pump impellers can cause bubbles in the cooling liquid which actually inhibit cooling and can cause hot spots and wear. We will talk about this again when we discuss coolant choices.

Since we were already taking apart the back end of the car for the new AC system, why not change the water pump? I felt it was a worthwhile $800 investment. Once you have jacked up the car, drained the anti-freeze, pulled out the passenger side wheel liner, then removed the two piece air cleaner pick-up hose, removing the water pump itself can be done in a matter of minutes. No fancy tools are required. An idiot could do it. I am perfectly qualified, so I did it.

Applying Napa Aviation Form-a-Gasket Sealant liquid to the pump housing allowed me screw with it a bit before tightening it down. (I’m a sucker for any product that has the word “aviation” on the package.)

For some reason I had to take it off the next day and it was still gooey. I bought new belts from Geoff Ohland at ferrariparts.com and I was all set. So now we had the new radiator in front and the new pump in place at the back and all we needed was to update the parts in between.

Next week: Hoses and Fans


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