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C7 Corvette

Posted on March 19, 2013 Comments (4)

Corvette is in a tough spot. They are like the 35-year-old woman on Craig’s List who is looking for a long term relationship. And she only ever gets two responses. One from a 20-year-old who knows she is too expensive to maintain and has too much “experience” for him and the other from the 60-year-old who wants someone a little slower and more comfortable.

The C7 is that woman. To drive that thing to 50% of its potential, you have to have more experience than any 20-30 year old, and, the 60 year old is too smart to try. Up until the C3s, the mission was simple. Go fast, go loud, and keep it affordable enough for college kids. When the horsepower edict came down and gutted the C3 they lost most of the kids and they never got them back.

The market today is the kids that never left and the ones that missed out on the 67 Big Blocks. Sadly, for Corvette, two things are happening to them, the first is that “the kids” are living longer but still dying, and the fact that Corvette’s ever stiffening chassis and boy racer suspension mean they can’t take a trip unless they tow their dialysis machine along behind them. They are plain uncomfortable.

C7 Corvette

Message from your old guys: Honda once built a 50cc racing motorcycle with 10 speeds. A 4-mph breeze or a 1-degree incline forced the rider to drop a gear to maintain speed. That is because it only had 50cc and no torque. Your Corvette has 450 lbs. of torque. Put all the gears you want in an automatic transmission but please explain to me why anyone needs a seven speed shifter? Most of us can’t remember that high and we know what gear we are in by the sound of the engine. We think four gears are just fine and a fifth should be an optional switch on the dash. Read overdrive.

Thanks for the decent interior. (What happened? Did your bean counter die?) How about finding a suspension engineer that is 60 or over, has a bad back and thinks the Nurburgring was written by Wagner. Then have him dial in a setting on the suspension that corresponds to his needs and you have it. Want a clue? Drive a 550 Maranello and then lift the Corvette chassis two inches so that I don’t have to fall out to get out.

Get rid of the Camaro back end, it looks like a Dinky toy. Go back to the C-5 rear and get rid of those stupid floor heater grates on the tops of the fenders or at least paint them the body color. Jesus! Now detune it a tad and slap a decal on it somewhere that says GT, because that is what I want! A powerful, comfortable and sharp lookin’ Grand Touring car.

And get rid of the T-Top. That went out with high-button shoes. The pricing is fine. I have the money.

C7 Corvette

Message from the younger guys you don’t have: This is our first sports car. We don’t have a lot of money and all this car says is “my Dad has a lot of money, please punish me”. So how about something that is simple to run and drive, goes like hell and makes a great sound. Like… say… a C-1 with a slightly stiffer chassis and an edgy body style, a four speed transmission with no switch on the dash and offered as ragtop only.

Confine all the electrics to the engine. We can roll up the windows ourselves. Give us a 250HP V8 and a straight axle for hopping around and sell it to us for $30-35K. We’ll fix it ourselves. Our dads did.

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