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Cadillac Responses

Posted on January 2, 2014 Comments (3)

Our recent article on Euro drivers prompted us to ask, why not Cadillacs?

These were some of the responses:

Peter: The big response to the Bronson article proves the demographic, herein. ;) The good folks trying to follow "You meet the nicest people on a Honda" have a long way to go in trying to beat the social stigma generated by others; be it film, local behavior or the racket they make. I like the new Cadillacs a lot. They're good looking, plus handling and power are very impressive. That level of ostentation is not for me. There's nothing subtle about them either. But a manual trans. with all that power! Good fortune, B~

Cadillacs. It's a fookin' Cadillac. My father-in-law used to drive Cadillacs. It now has the same problem of perception Volkswagen had with the Phaeton. Great luxury car, that. But it's a Volkswagen. We're not buying a luxury car with that brand name on it. So the new Cadillac is a high performance driver's car? That's just too bad. You know, BMW got around this issue... their front wheel drive turbo small car is called a Mini Cooper S!

For me, there is more to this question than handling. Of course, in the end, that is the best reason to buy any car, but image is also important. Cadillac is not what I want to be identified with. As a woman of a certain age, the brand has a long-standing repugnance for me. Too big, too lumbering, too glitzy, too aged-Florida-resident (sorry) who needs a lot of metal for protection.

Thank you Peter. I'll never forget the moment that Eldorado puked its headbolts (all 10 bolts on the rear head). I was in the middle of the Howard Frankland Bridge east bound over Tampa Bay at 90 mph plus and saw the temp. gauge spike to the red zone. I said to myself "you gotta be s****in* me!" All ten bolts in the rear head. I was able to pull the six center bolts out with my fingers! A fine world class engine design cheapened by poor quality, porous block castings. Do like the new Cadillacs very much but it would take a lot to get me to give up my two Jaguars.

God man! Think what you just wrote! You’ll have people peeing their pants all over America! (Peter)

About the Cadillac ATS: They'd sell more, at least to idjits like me, if they would get rid of the bling. Dump the phony Cadillac crest on the grille and trunk, soften and shrink the hey-look-at-me sea-of-chrome grille, itself. Hang big banners in the styling department proclaiming; AFTER 1938 HARLEY EARL LOST HIS WAY.

You could get an argument on that date. If gas was still .40 per gallon I would kill for a 1958 Cadillac Biarritz.

Cadillac El Dorado

Cadillac's new offerings are superb automobiles. I own a CTS V coupe which is fantastic, and I'm now deciding between the new CTS V sport or the upcoming ATS V as a replacement. Cadillac is definitely working its way back to the top, but admittedly does have a lot of baggage to overcome. I do get tired of the unenlightened looking incredulous when I tell them I drive one......they stare downwards looking for the SansaBelt and white patent leather shoes. However, I love to promote American design and technology in the process of explaining my choices.