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Time Flies

Posted on August 23, 2011 Comments (0)

I was checking out the cars for the feature F1 race with another guy in his early twenties who wrote for the Canadian motorsports magazine, Track & Traffic. His name was Lance Hill. There were no drivers in the pits and we got reasonably close to the cars. We were just two young guys talking about yesterday's practice times and somewhat mystified by what we were looking at. These cars were only familiar to us from magazine pages. I remember him now as a very nice guy, very approachable, and with a good sense of humor.

Time moved on. At some point I was in an airport and picked up a soft cover edition of "King of White Lady" by Lance Hill. The author's description left no doubt that this was the same person I once met. It was a good read and I had it around for years before it somehow disappeared.

Several decades went by and my wife and I drove our newly acquired Ferrari 308 to Florida in winter to attend the Cavallino Classic at the Breakers in W. Palm Beach. Crews were unloading Ferraris on the closely cut lawn. Here and there a V-12 engine was being blipped. I looked up and into the Passport van and watched it disgorge a stunning red 250LM with California plates. To my mind, this is the most beautiful road car Ferrari ever made. Two men were gently handling it. The owner was close by and was an attentive observer. At some point, as the car was being moved away, I approached him. I told him that he seemed familiar to me and I told him my name. It didn't mean anything to him and he said he was Lance Hill. It clicked for me and I asked him about Track & Traffic and whether he was still writing about cars. He said he was, but that his professional name was now R. Lance Hill. I pointed to the car and he said that, yes, it was his. He told me that after his stint at T & T, he moved to California and wrote the book I once had. It was optioned several times for a movie, but the topic fell out of fashion, and the movie was never made. He subsequently wrote another book that was made into a movie with Charles Bronson. He now made a living as a "script doctor" for movies that were stopped in production because their scripts needed help. He said the pressure was hell but the money was steady and he had done very well.

Tony Singer's image of Ralph Lauren's Ferrari 250LM in our gallery and Chris Szwedo's story and sound track reminded me of those encounters.

Father's Day Gifts You Deserve!

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In a calendar year, there are far too few opportunities for the displays of affection which many MMR Community enthusiasts so richly deserve.

Christmas, our Birthday and Father's Day are it!

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All kidding aside, Father's Day can be the best day of the year and we at MMR Community Headquarters wish you a great one.

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Happy Father's Day!

Wants and Needs

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A recent motorcycle tour of Nova Scotia allowed me sufficient helmet-time to separate things that are important to "men of a certain age" into needs and wants. Starting at the top, we have sex, beer, coffee and restrooms.


Coffee... restrooms.

I was travelling with five long-time riding friends, and, although each of us prioritizes differently, the group dynamic really sets the agenda. Each of us more or less conforms. Restrooms quickly establish themselves as the top need.

God has endowed the men in our family with oversized bladders. He may have been less generous with some of the other equipment, but in the bladders department we are good. Our coat of arms depicts an oversize bladder tanning on a field of something yellow, possibly snow.

As a group, we stop quite regularly and, to me, that breaks the flow, if that's the word I want, of the ride. Some long distance riders use catheters to relieve themselves, but that seems messy and dangerous, particularly for the riders behind and dodging the splash. So, in the first few days, as we establish a rhythm, we stop more often.



That brings us to the second great need, coffee! The Government of Nova Scotia apparently has decreed that on all the roads on which Americans travel, coffee and donuts must be available as frequently as public restrooms or every 162 feet, whichever comes first. No one in our group drinks decaf. Our leader drinks double-espressos. Trust me, both our riding pace and heart rates pick up when his lighter liquid burden is mated to a double-espresso. That's good for about 45 minutes, and then we are back to just above the speed limit and looking for the next Tim Horton's Donut Shop.

Road Trip

View from the road

Someone famously stated that men think about sex every eighteen seconds. I won't dispute that.  However, there is a mountainous 42 mile stretch of steep, twisty, up and down seaside road between Sugar Hill and Cheticamp, which, when ridden with vigor, can make you forget sex and, in spots, even bladder control. But once you stop at the French Coffee Shop on the other side for a double espresso, it all comes back. Feeling thankful to be alive and sex have a lot in common. Neither happens often enough or for long. The days of simply looking at a young woman, having a few beers and then a roll in the hay are long past, if they really happened at all. Look as we might, younger women don't see us. But we all look.  At one point we passed an attractive hitch-hiking woman holding up a sign indicating her destination. At the next coffee stop, once the mandatory male remarks were made about her obvious attributes and our preferred destination for her, someone asked who had seen the burly bearded guy sitting on the roadside behind her. No one else had! Who says men can't focus?

Which brings us to our most accessible want, beer. Beer replenishes natural nutrients expended in riding, makes us feel better, and makes us far more attractive to the only members of the opposite sex to whom we are not transparent. Hookers.

Wanting beer also makes us guessed it, restrooms!