Via Corsa: Car Lover’s Guide
to Northern California

by Ron Adams

Via Corsa Car Lover's Guide to Northern California

288 pages total
80 pages – Maps and detail re: Monterey Week

The Car Lover’s Guide to Northern California is the third in the Via Corsa series of Car Lover’s Guides. The first two guides, to Arizona and Southern Germany were very well received and this one will not disappoint either.

It is one thing to read a book about an area with which one is, at best, vaguely familiar. In offering a book about Northern California and its automotive treasures to so many already familiar with the area, author Ron Adams takes on a huge challenge, and succeeds admirably. This website has covered the events of Monterey Week for six years. Suffice it to say we learned a lot from this book . But the book is about far more than the events on the Monterey Peninsula. It also covers car museums and car movie locations. The book is far from just a compendium of Monterey Week activities. Museums and events and relating to hot rods and vintage cars are also featured. .

Maps, hotels, restaurants and race track locations and interviews with famous drivers, this book covers it all and contains an unexpected dimension, Napa Valley vineyards with automotive connections. Andretti being the most recognizable, a number of these vineyards feature automotive displays.

We highly recommend this book. Lest we miss something, it will be with us on our next visit to Northern California.