Car Lover's Guide to Southern Germany

Via Corsa: Car Lover's Guide to Southern Germany

by Ronald Adams

There are only two certainties of travel for pleasure. The first is that within a week of arriving home, someone you previously cared for will tell you about all the great things you drove right by.

The second is that although your companion may have bought and read the typical tourist guidebook, you had it in your pocket most of the time and skimmed it for restaurants, at best. Frankly, unless it was a book by Via Corsa, it probably had very little car enthusiast content anyway.

Via Corsa have produced two travel books for car lovers, this is the second. The first dealt with Arizona. Ron Adams and Oliver Littman have produced an entertaining guide to the history, driving schools, factories, race tracks, car-oriented restaurants, and just plain fun driving roads of Southern Germany. I learned something interesting on every page.

Unlike most guidebooks that bracket an area and then inundate you with information about it, this book brackets a car-related subject and then inundates you with information about it. It works because it lets you focus on the things you enjoy, and you can skip the rest. If you don’t care for factory tours, move on to museums or great driving roads or tuner shops.

A most charming element is the series of interviews with prominent drivers that are spread throughout the book, Hans Stuck and Derek Bell being the most prominent. On the other hand, if the book has a weakness, it is the images. Adequate at best, they don’t measure up to the remainder of the content. They do, however, supply an excellent reason to visit the spots you would enjoy and take your own pictures.  

If you and your travel companion are both car lovers, you are set. If not, this book will tell you precisely what you missed. Pity.

Either way, it is an entertaining read.


Via Corsa Car Lover's Guide to Southern Germany
by Ronald Adams