Postcards from Detroit

Postcards From Detroit by Roger Hart

by Roger Hart

After seven years and five different winners—John Watson, Michele Alboreto, Nelson Piquet, Keke Rosberg, and Ayrton Senna—the races left Detroit, never to return.

Now Roger Hart invites you to travel back to an event with drivers, teams, and sponsors who somehow don’t seem as far in the past as the years would suggest. With dramatic photos and insightful observations, Hart captures the event’s rich stories and distinctly American atmosphere. His photographs also illuminate how much the sport has changed in the past two decades, not only on the track but in its overall ambience.

Postcards From Detroit by Roger Hart

AutoWeek said it best.

“Today F1 is a pack of prima donnas draped with nubile waifs who make cubic euros and jet from one island they own to another. Today’s racers are distant and aloof; you’d no more get one to lock eyes with a fan than you’d see them toss a Frisbee in the paddock.

That’s precisely the shot Hart grabbed of Nelson Piquet. And then another of Piquet “playing soccer” with a ball of bubble packing and racer’s tape. What’s this, racers as human? A young Michael Andretti, feet dipped on the shark-infested F1 waters, takes counsel from father Mario. There are shots of those we can never forget: Ayrton, Wattie, Keke and Niki. And teams we strain to remember: Coloni, EuroBrun, Osella and Toleman. There are beautiful people, racer/actor Paul Newman, or super-stunner model Christie Brinkley lounging along the pit wall with then-boyfriend racer and champagne heir Olivier Chandon. And many others whose faces we know and whose names we forget. Behind it all is AutoWeek’s Roger Hart.”

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