17 States in 20 Days and One Pair of Underwear | Day 6

Where do you buy underwear?

In 1960 when I was 16, the movie Where the Boys Are, the first funny movie about teen sexuality, was released in Canada. Paula Prentiss was the tall, sexy and funny female lead. That movie sold me on America, American cars and American women, and Paula Prentiss in particular. I dreamed of having “my way” (though never quite certain what my way was) with Paula in an American car, in America.

boxer briefs

Putting Paula aside for 51 years, at one point in my cross country run in the WASRED 308, I was at the Travel Bug, a wonderful coffee shop and map store in Santa Fe, New Mexico. At the register I noticed a display of 5" x 9" opaque plastic pouches containing a full length card which read “17 Countries. 6 Weeks. One pair of underwear. (OK, maybe two)”. Intrigued, I picked up the pouch and inside was a pair of black men’s shorts. The selling card had a picture of a trim man wearing them. He reminded me of me when Paula and I were dating. They are called “boxer briefs”, and the copy read “quick drying and treated with Aegis Microbe Control”. I bought a pair. I am going to keep them in the car. When next in Hollywood, I am going to call Paula. We’ll have coffee and I will wear my new shorts and she may ask to see them. Not many women can resist a man with his Aegis microbes under control. It’s quite something … really. And I have waited sooo long.

Travel Bug is in the MMR Goods and Services Directory under Destinations & Events Categories: Restaurants, Haunts and Cafes.

Where the Boys Are 1960 trailer:

Connie Francis sings Where The Boys Are:

In case that wasn't enough, 12 minutes of scenes from the movie, with songs by Connie Francis (Where The Boys Are) The Aquatones (My Treasure) Dion and the Belmonts (We Belong Together) and The Little Dippers (Forever):

Lastly, a great send-up of the jazz musician: