A Pyrrhic Victory for Concorso

The Friday Battle of the Monterey Peninsula is over. Hopefully, the war is not.

Mercer Runabout

Concorso Italiano decisively crushed La Dolce Vita in all the statistically important areas; visitors, vendors and cars on the field. In the process, Concorso sold a piece of its soul and changed its event from a rowdy Italian celebration to a "Welcome Whatever Comes Thru the Door" celebration. But, to their credit, they worked harder than ever at customer satisfaction and put on one of their best shows.

Concorso Italiano

The addition of Honda, Porsche and Corvette corrals and Tesla's sitting cheek by jowl with Testa Rosas diluted the Italian essence and changed the village ambiance that once made Concorso so much fun. The rows of Ferrari garage queens, of little importance to anyone but their owners, is getting long in more ways than one. The lack of effort to expand the seldom seen Italian marques like Lancia, Alfa, Maserati and more Italian bikes and scooters was lamentable.

Concorso Italiano

Somehow, the La Dolce Vita show was still a worthwhile experience. I loved the Citroen Traction Avants and the racer SM and its tow car and trailer was a hoot. I also found the rattiest Maserati 3500 GT I had ever seen. A Lister Maserati that was eye popping. But what was really special were the people. The smaller crowds allowed for unhurried interaction with the exhibitors. I met and spoke with several interesting people who certainly enriched my day. Thank you, La Dolce Vita, for a valiant effort.

If the Friday Battle proved anything it is this: An Italian Concorso will always be a solid draw. But an option is needed for those of us who attend the Italian Car Show or two, or three, in our environs and don't need another one. It would take courage, but a themed car show with interesting cars from all over Europe and/or America would provide an option and could be a lot of fun.

All it takes is courage and cash.