Porsche Showroom Posters – The First 25 Years

Amelia Island photoEverett Anton (Tony) Singer is a recognized master of posters. In this book he brings the experience of a successful artist and printer, together with the eye of a collector, and produces an important retrospective of early Porsche showroom posters.

As he explains in the prologue, Porsche “used print media, posters in particular, to spread the word about their great cars”. Through these posters we learn how, over a period of 25 years, Porsche very successfully mated their image to that of a new and upwardly mobile American society.

In the sixties, poster ownership became an important facet of youthful self expression. Poster artists became pop icons. Psychedelic glow-in-the-dark posters competed with images of Ursula Andress and white Lamborghini Countachs for space on the bedroom walls of teenage boys. Porsche borrowed the strength of bold colors and lines of the pop culture and mated them to that other emerging aspect of the sixties, the burgeoning ability of Americans to indulgence in finer things. Porsche’s brilliant showroom posters positioned their products as modern and refined adjuncts to golf, skiing, fine rifles and English saddles. Thru cutaway images of small engines and lubrications systems, prospective Porsche owners were asked to eschew the bloated options for Spartan, functional and exceptionally reliable German engineering.

Nor did the Porsche poster parade neglect its very successful racing record. Porsches dominated their own classes and regularly defeated the big boys through clever tactics, superior engineering, and amazing reliability. Once again, Porsche used their bulletin style showroom posters to convey a message of superiority and technical excellence. The selection of race results posters displayed in this book will bring back fond memories of the great drivers who drove for Porsche on tracks across America and Europe.

Like a fine wine, this is a book to savor on many levels. It is to be sipped and appreciated. The posters are direct scanned from the originals; they virtually jump off the page. This very limited edition, 356 hardbound and 911 soft covered, are the work of a man who knows his craft, loves the product and has set a technical standard worthy of its subject.

Here’s the neat stuff: Porsche like it also. They bought 50 of the hardbound copies and 100 of the soft bounds and are offering them in the Porsche Factory Museum store. The publisher has only 23 hardbound books left!

Even better: The book is available online for FREE. The first automotive book available for free. Click here to go to it. (http://www.vintageautoposters.com/Porsche-showroom-posters.php)