My first Race Report of 2013

By Shelina Moreda

I did my first Dirt Bike race of the season this month at Prairie City and what an awesome weekend it was!! I hadn't raced a Hare Scramble since this race last year when my Dad pretty much dragged me out there—now I'm hooked! For off-season training, I've been learning from Brok McAllister at Prairie City Dirt Track, as well as riding trails with my Dad, doing Crossfit style workouts, and a bunch of Supermoto USA, so I went into this race feeling confident about my endurance and my riding. I'm working on racing everything possible on two wheels! :-)

My First Race Report of 2013

I made my checklists and was sure to pack all I might need; GoPro Camera because if I crashed as much as I did last year I knew it'd be fun to watch (yeah, I crashed a bunch this year too), my beat up (from crashing) AXO jersey with my new number on it, 181, which is my Dad's old racing number from when he raced Flat Track, my bike, gear, fuel, and off I went!! My friends Wyatt Marshall and Ryan McAllister met me to help pit crew and get me going for the day. My photographer friend, Hollywood Voltaire, came packing his camera to document the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Ryan and Wyatt stepped in to make sure the bike was ready to go. I had two practice starts, because it's a shotgun start, with a dead engine, so it's pretty difficult. On the line, this kid named Tyson, who races in the youth class, starts giving me advice, and was cool enough to put a rock under my tire because he says it helps you get off the line better. I'm nervous, and he can tell. There are a lot of people on my line and I'm on the outside row, not ideal, but I'm ready to go.

My First Race Report of 2013

Waiting for the start… they shoot the gun and I kick to start the bike and mess it up!! It took me several kicks and the other girls are racing for turn one by the time I get my bike started! Frustrated, I finally tear outa there to turn one with a vengeance. I've got a pack of riders ahead of me and my eye on the one in front! I passed about 5 riders before I got out of my crew's sight, and a few more by the top of the first hill, but soon after, a crash ahead turns into a bottleneck of riders from other classes and puts distance between myself and the front three in my class. I fought like crazy to catch up and while I had my share of crashes, for most of the race I was powering out of near-crashes pretty well. This one spot… just a hill of Huge Rocks… People were crashing on it Left and Right, stopping before it to survey how they'd scale it… I'd already gotten caught up in one bottleneck; I wasn't going to let it happen again. So I looked at the top of that hill, grabbed the throttle and said to my bike "We're not crashing here, we don't have time for it!" and up that hill we bounced, almost crashing with every rock we hit! We somehow stayed upright and I gave a good loud Yee-Haw when I cleared it. I rode my butt off and I was absolutely stoked to find I had finished in 4th place! Not far behind 3rd place as it turned out, and a huge improvement over my 11th place finish last year!

My First Race Report of 2013

I was so happy to see the smiling faces of my crew when I pulled in after the checkered flag; they were all high-fives and thumbs up telling me I did a good job. It felt really awesome to have their support. I couldn't wait to tell my Dad how I did, and I can't wait for the next race!

I want to thank all of my sponsors from 2012 and I'm looking forward to building with you again in 2013!! Sponsors make the racing world go 'round! If you want to be involved with my racing program, I'd love to hear from you. Marketing for sponsors is something I truly enjoy! Just ask GoPro! Next stop… Daytona on a Harley!!