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Ciao a tutti! Io sono Shelina Moreda e corro con la eCRP!  That is the main phrase I had to learn in Italy! I just got home from Round 2 in Italy and then ate Way to much turkey, mashed potatoes and my favorite, Pumpkin Pie!! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This year I am thankful for so many things, life is amazing. I have a great family, wonderful friends, and an incredible racing family including the AMA, FIM and AFM! It's off season now, but there is no rest and I love it!!! Bring it on 2012!
Just to give everyone a taste of what a boring trip I had in Italy (ha ha ha). This trip has been benissimo! The show, EICMA, was a HIT! I cant believe how much attention we got at the CRP booth and how HUGE of an event it is!! There were over 530,000 people in attendance from all over the world! (yes, trust me, I had to look at that number twice too!) Media representatives also attended in full force, there were over 6,000 journalist, photographers and cameramen. I was lucky to make it on the front page of their site (with Max Biaggi!! as the only other person on the home page):  The unveiling of the CRP Streetbike "Energica" drew interest from all kinds of people and the inquiries to pre-order the bike were beyond our expectations, which was cool to see and be a part of.
This is Irina, myself and my teammate Alessandro Brannetti at the unveiling of the Energica Streetbike from CRP!
I was interviewed left and right, I was on the three biggest networks in Italy last week. Sky Sport, Sky 2, and Motociclismo. Had meetings with some top motorcycle companies on the last two days of the show and everything went really well.
Sky Sport and Sky 2 (this one was on something like 4 times a day from Monday through Saturday!):
Motociclismo Live TV:
Here was another interview at a track here in Italy from the last time I was here (It just came out):
I was interviewed live at EICMA by Virgin Radio, one of the most popular radio stations in Italy and they invited us to the Riders Magazine party in Milan, which we had to go to of course! I met Michele Pirro who just won the Moto2 race, along with his agent, and one of the coolest Italian reporters Guido Meda (who I'd also met at Indy when I was racing the XR1200, funny story with that one :) plus a lot of other awesome people. They had a photo booth at the party, so we had to snap a few shots of course! After the party we managed to get lost in Milan looking for the car, an experience that was fun for me, not so fun for Livia and Giampi who have seen enough of Milan that the novelty of it wore off quickly for them. The old buildings could keep me marveling for days though!
Photo booth at the Riders party! Michele Pirro, Livia, Guido Meda and myself.
Racing wasn't the Only focus this go round. This time in Italy I wanted some time to tour around a bit and see the sights. I took an extra week so that we could get all the work done we needed to and then my mom and sister met me in our home base of Modena and we took off to see Italy! We headed first to see the leaning tower of Pisa which was on our way to our main stop, Lucca where our family is from. Our goal was to find some of our relatives, who we've never met, through some help from our Nona's old photos and directions to the family business and CRP's "detective" Johnny Poppi... and we Found them! How Awesome!! Francesco Berti owns Berti coffee in Lucca and we were lucky enough to catch his company name on a sign, went in and asked about him and got all kinds of help tracking him down! Meeting him and his (our) family was one of those times that you savor, we had photos of his mother from my grandmother and he was elated to see them and hear about family. This was definitely the highlight of the trip.

Next we toured all around Venezia (beautiful Venice), then to Verona to see where Romeo and Juliet are from. We saw so many things in such a short time! Piazza San Marco, the cathedral with gold mosaic ceilings, Ponte di Rialto (Rialto Bridge), rode on the river boats, ate at typical Italian restaurants as much as possible, saw the mini Coliseum in Verona, Juliet's house, a Castello! (castle), had Pizza by the Meter, delicious local wines and learned as much Italian as we could!

Here we are in Venezia! (it's about 8 degrees outside! Cold!!)
SUCH an awesome experience! Italy is Amazing in So many ways! I am looking forward to this coming season, it promises to be a strong one for racing. I have even heard a rumor that FIM may try to have a race in Italy this year... I can only hope!
I want to say a big thank you to CRP Racing and the FIM's Women in Motorcycle Commission for having me at EICMA. I was pleased to meet up with several of my sponsors, GoPro, AXO, Vance & Hines, Yell!, REC, IDEA fv, Arai, Govecs, Lavoro Piu and Pasticceria Modenese while I was there, along with all of the other great companies that took the time to meet with me. I am also really excited to try out my new quick turn throttle from Domino!
By the way, I just started a Twitter account! I am still learning it, having fun getting used to it. Check it out via the link below or look me up at Shelina93!

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