She'z Racing

The last two and a half weeks have been nonstop racing and I love it!

Shelina turns in a Kawasaki

Well, I crash tested my new AXO leather suit at the AFM race the weekend before the AMA at Infineon (the Big Show). At the AFM round 3, I was all geared up and ready to match my best times, finally getting to know the new Triple Crown R6 that has been so tough for me to pick up. I made huge gains on Saturday, coming within a second and a half of my best times, and making my way from 11th place starting position to a 2nd place finish in the Formula AFemme race. I got an alright start, not used to this bike all the way, so it took me a second to gather it, but I got on it and was up to 3rd place by turn 2.

So cutting to the chase, the crash... I was in the 600 production race on Sunday after a pretty uplifting Saturday race. I was determined to beat my own best. I got a great start, was working around this group of riders that I was determined to pass in the first lap (of course), and that caught up to me by Turn 9... The rear tire stepped out and the bike high-sided me, feet over head right out of the race! I hit the ground hard and all I could think was GET OFF THE TRACK!! So I scrambled off in a hurry so as not to get run over! My helmet did its job, and my leathers hardly show the story of what happened.

I borrowed a new helmet, and Glen from Triple Crown was an angel to help me get the bike ready. The crash could not get us down... I had two more races to do that day! We got the bike ready and out I went to work my times back down and go bond with the bike some more. Funny as it might sound; I think it was a great getting to know each other experience for the bike and me. I had more respect for her the next couple of races and definitely worked hard to get comfortable again.

Our hard work paid off, as the next weekend (last weekend) was the AMAs! I was a ball of nerves approaching the race weekend. I rode and trained every chance I got. I went over the track in my head a thousand times. Friday came and I was determined to get my times down. My times dropped steadily through the first practice and qualifying, and by the end of that first qualifying session, I knew I'd made the show! I qualified 22nd out of about 30 riders, and only 25 qualified.

I was gridded on the inside, I had a solid Saturday race and took 19th. My times were improving and the bike and I were meshing. Sunday was the day. I'd already gone one half second faster time than my fastest, and I was ready to go another half second faster on Sunday. Clouds were in the sky, but in my head, I was racing no matter what.

It was a very Cold practice. Fan walk, scheduling changes, and I end up missing the sighting lap, so my penalty was to be gridded 25th, but I was on the outside row now, which was a pleasant change. I took a minute to settle down, talked to the team owner for a minute about the race, and took in all the glory of the moment; I had two hot umbrella boys, my own brother, Travis, and my friend Andy, both proudly shading me and wearing She'z Racing shirts, my dad stood just at the hot-pit wall and I gave him a smile.

Here I am again, in the big show. AMA Infineon and what a dream for me! Fast warm up lap on my new tires that weren't scrubbed in yet left me sliding a bit, and I just made sure to be steady. Gridding up in my spot, 25th, ready to go. Red lights off, GO! Got a solid start and charged through Turn 2, passed a few people here and continued working away at the riders in front of me. My buddy Bruce was in my sights, I got him going into Turn 8, the race went on, and I ended up battling with Cristian Olguin, who was on the Bagnis Motorsports Kawasaki that I rode in the AMA race last year!

He and I went back and forth, I'd pass him and he'd get me back. Down to the last couple laps, I chose a spot to pass, and put the hammer down. I rode as smooth and smart as I could to stay in front of him, I crossed the finish line first, and was ecstatic to find out that I'd gained ten spots and finished in 15th place! I was just as excited to find out that I had done my new best times, and was consistent in the faster times.

Shelina and the Umbrella Girls

I was all smiles the rest of the day, watching my She'z Racing Umbrella Girls strut their stuff on the Daytona Sportbike grid with 4 of the racers, and I wore my She'z Racing shirt and my leathers right over to hold the umbrella for my teammate Paul Allison as well. The day was made! I was pumped!! So happy with my finish and seeing all our hard work pay off. The rest of the weekend was just icing!

The She'z Racing girls and I were asked to be in a promo film for a fellow racer, Jamie got a close up on TV as an umbrella girl, and we signed autographs and took pictures with my racebike, talked to fans, and lived it up! My entire family came to watch me race, my sister Stephanie was a She'z Umbrella Girl, my brother Travis was my umbrella boy, my mom cheered me on and worked our She'z Racing booth, and my dad helped with tire warmers and getting me to the grid. I couldn't ask for a better weekend.

I'm still on cloud 9, and getting ready to head to the next big adventure, Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele Utah; it is the World Superbike weekend so it's going to be another Awesome one!!! This time my race should be on TV, so tune in Sunday the 29th to the Speed channel!

I'd like to thank everyone who made it out to the races. I was overwhelmed with the support from friends and family. I would also like to thank the folks that help make this happen, my sponsors, without you, the "Big Show" may not be a possibility. Thank you for making this happen and for your support and enthusiasm.

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